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小山田 徹

Toru Koyamada



1961     鹿児島県生まれ


京都市立芸術大学 美術学部 卒業。同大学 美術学部 彫刻専攻 教授。
ダムタイプの活動と平行して90年からさまざまな共有空間の設計・開発を始め、コミュニティセンター「アートスケー プ」「ウィークエンドカフェ」などの企画をおこなうほか、コミュニティカフェである 「Bazaar Cafe」の立ち上げに参加。 

1961     Born in Kagoshima

Graduated in fine arts, KCUA. He is a processer at KCUA. Formed the performance group “Dumb Type” with friends from University, and was primarily in charge of planning and sceneography; Koyamada has participated in a great number of nation and international performances. Alongside regular Dumb Type activities in the 90s, he started working on various plans for shared spaces, was involved in the community centers “Artscape” & “Weekend Café” and participated in the launching the community cafe “Bazarr Cafe”