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Kageutsushi Exhibition Organizing Committee


  • The exhibition “Kageutsushi – reflection, transition, Infection -”


2012年に京都市立芸術大学ギャラリー@KCUAで開催した展覧会「かげうつしー写映・遷移・伝染ー」では、〈うつし〉という豊かな多義性を備えた言葉を導き手に映像のもつ 架橋的な在り方を多様に提示。

その第2回となる still moving では「Here-After」というタイトルの元、 時間的な〈うつし〉に着目し、過去を記念・記録・記憶することの可能性/不可能性について 考察する。


The exhibition “Kageutsushi – reflection, transition, Infection -” was held at Kyoto City University of Arts ART GALLERY @KCUA in 2012, exhibiting various presentations of the cross-linked existence of video, using the word “utsushi”—with its abundant ambiguities—as a guide.The 2nd exhibition entitled “Here-After” was an inquiry into the possibilities and impossibilities of commemorating, recording and recollecting, and gave attention to the temporal “utsushi.” (Planning: Arata HAYASHIDA, Exhibiting Artists: Nodoka ODAWARA, Kohei TAKAHASHI, Rui MIZUKI).