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ヘフナー / ザックス

Hoefner / Sachs


  •  | 2015
  • the sketch for《Suujin Park》 | 2015


1970     フランツ・ヘフナー ドイツ・シュタルンベルク生まれ

1974     ハリー・ザックス ドイツ・シュトゥットガルト生まれ






A unit based in Berlin, comprising of Franz Hoefner (born 1970) and Harry Sachs (born 1974). They raise questions regarding the architectural boundaries of houses, creating projects and performances about the architectural or residential issues underlying our city environments using artistic techniques with radical humor. For this exhibition, they will show a project originating from their stay and research in Kyoto. They will be exhibiting at Kyoto Municipal Museum of art as official artists of PARASOPHIA: International Festival of Contemporary Culture in addition.