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植松 永次

Eiji Uematsu



Uematsu was born in Kobe, Japan, in 1949. In 1972, he made reliefs by learning the feel and the texture of the earth, and later began to work on earthenware in Tokyo. In 1975, Uematsu moved to Shigaraki, Shiga, and continued to create his own works while being employed by the factory of a pottery manufacturer. In 1982, Uematsu moved his residence and workshop to Marubashira, Iga. There he made a kiln that uses firewood together with kerosene and widened the range of his work, including noyaki (field firing). In 1996 he was invited by the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park to produce work for display. Since the ’80s he has been showing his works in many solo and joint exhibitions.