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展示風景 撮影:大島拓也
Installation view. Photo by Takuya Oshima
展示風景 撮影:大島拓也
Installation view. Photo by Takuya Oshima
展示風景 撮影:大島拓也
Installation view. Photo by Takuya Oshima
展示風景 撮影:大島拓也
Installation view. Photo by Takuya Oshima
展示風景 撮影:大島拓也
Installation view. Photo by Takuya Oshima











京都市立芸術大学 学長 鷲田 清一




An annual exhibition showcasing works by international students studying at Kyoto City University of Arts.


Excerpt from the university president’s greeting:


This exhibition displays the work of KCUA’s international students, including regular Master’s Degree students, research students, and exchange students. There are a total of 29 students taking part, from America, the UK, Indonesia, The Netherlands, South Korea, The Democratic Republic of Congo, Taiwan, China, Germany, Finland, and France. Their specialisms include painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, and crafts, and this is a great opportunity for them to proudly display the fruits of their artistic work to the people of Kyoto.

There are a great number of international students currently engaging in studies in the historic and cultural city of Kyoto. Here at KCUA, we strive to enhance the creative and nurturing environment for international students, while at the same time providing them with a chance to become familiar with the culture and arts of Kyoto, and encouraging exchange opportunities with local people. As an internationally minded university of very high quality, KCUA holds a charm and fascination for international students, and our goal is to offer an opportunity to earnestly pursue their studies as artists while learning about new cultures.

For the students taking part in this exhibition, the chance to create their own work in a new environment, and to explore the work of their contemporaries, is of great significance in terms of their activities as artists in the future. We hope that their experience of studying in Kyoto will be useful to them in realising their dreams and will serve to deepen the friendship and bonds between their home countries and Japan.


Kiyokazu Washida
University President, Kyoto City University of Arts



Mirjam Ala-Rachi (Germany/Dyeing and Weaving), Charles F. Antoine (USA/Oil Painting), Ilona Broeseliske (The Netherlands/Exchange student from Royal College of Art/Ceramics), Louise Collet (France/Exchange student from École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs/Nihonga), Jadé Fadojutimi (UK/Exchange student from Royal College of Art/Oil Painting), JOO Yong Jin (South Korea/Dyeing and Weaving), KIM Minsoo (South Korea/Dyeing and Weaving), KIM Seung Hyun (South Korea/Sculpture), LIU Mengru (China/Conservation), LU Jou An (Taiwan/Ceramics), LU Wei Ni (Taiwan/Printmaking), Ninni Mäklin (Finland/Ceramics), Meni Mbugha (DR Congo/Dyeing and Weaving), OH Jaehyun (South Korea/Urushi Lacquering), Tania Paulin (Indonesia/Environmental Design), Raphaël Serres (France/Exchange student from École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs/Printmaking), SHIN Sai Mi (South Korea/Dyeing and Weaving), Anna Sofia Sysser (Finland/Exchange student from Aalto University/Concept and Media Planning), TANG Ying Qian (China/Environmental Design), Emily Temperton (UK/Exchange student from Royal College of Art/Environmental Design), TIEN Yueh Hwa (Taiwan/Product Design), Gabelier Valentin (France/Concept and Media Planning), WANG Jie (China/Nihonga), WANG Mengshi (China/Conservation), WANG Zhong Fu (China/Nihonga), Silvia Wong (China/Dyeing and Weaving), XU Zi Yi (China/Dyeing and Weaving), YOO Jae Ho (South Korea/Product Design), and YU Yang (China/Nihonga)

京都市立芸術大学 事務局連携推進課(事業推進担当)
TEL: 075-334-2204(平日8:30–17:15)
Thursday, December 1 – Sunday, December 11, 2016
11 AM – 7 PM (doors close at 6:30 PM)
Closed on
Monday (December 5)
Free admission
Organized by
Kyoto City University of Arts
Kyoto City University of Arts (Office of External Relations)
Phone: +81-(0)75-334-2204 (Weekdays excluding national holidays, 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM)