The form of Co-Creation: the reality in the Digital Fabrication Era

“What sort of creative environment do we live in?”
”What is the social role of artists or designers in such an environment?”

We aim to rethink the social roles of artists and designers in today’s creative environment. This exhibition shows the online customization services, innovative products of DIY communities, design and art works which using the current engineering or interface technology.
The development of digital fabrication opens its process to public. The concept of “Open source” spreads as highly cultural publicness, and creates the number of innovative products. And people feel happy to make something themselves. In other words, technological innovation changes our creative environment dramatically.
“Design” means a kind of scheme of interface with synthesizing the innovative network and the production system. In this scheme, artists and designers play very important roles as professionals who critically verify the potentials or vision of our environment, or as incubators who raise the creativity of co-creation through introducing their efforts to users. They are considered as the frontiers of the new world of creation.

The exhibition (previsional):
1: The cultural meaning of “Co-Creation”
・Exhibition of Motorcycles (Harley-Davidson)
2: The development of the creative environment
・TANAKA Hiroya,
・WASEDA Harumichi+TANAKA Hiroya Labo Design Machine Group of KEIO University,
・TANAKA Hiroya Labo MathFab Group of KEIO University,
(Case Study of FabLab Japan)
・MOMOTA Toshiya(WEB designer)+Nipponbashi DENDEN-Town Electoronic Engineering Club (Workshop)
・MURAKAMI Eriko(Environment designer/ Work in Progress)
3:Technology and Expression
・Ronen Kadushin (designer/ Deutche),
・Greg Saul+Manfred Lau+MITANI Jun+IGARASHI Takeo(IGARASHI Design Interface Project),
・TOKI Kenji +KANADA Mitsuhiro Labo of Tokyo University of Art+HIRANO Haruko(FRU Stool Project),
・PONOKO(Online Customizing Service)
4:The expression whereabout?
・TAKAHASHI Takuma (artist),
・YAZU Yoshitaka(artist)+ OOKITA Tomohiro(CG artist),
・circle side (AZUMI Akiko, OGASAWARA Hiroo, KITAMURA Hiroaki, HAMADA Yuji/artist group)

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Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA
2011.10.1 Sat.2011.11.13 Sun.
Curated by
Takayuki Moriyama (Curator, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA)
Yasuko Imura
Curated with the cooperation of
KUBOTA Akihiro (Professor, Tama Art University)
WATANABE Junji (Research Specialist in NTT Communication Laboratories)
MATSUI Shigeru (Fellowship Researcher, Tokyo University of Arts)
Organized by
Kyoto City University of Arts
With additional funding from
Japan Arts Council
With the cooperation of
Denden Town Denshi Kosaku Kyoshitsu
Kyoto Art Center
Trotec Lazor Japan Co., Ltd.
Toshin Ltd.
SEMBA Co., Ltd.
Make: Japan
O’reily Japan Co., Ltd.
With support from
Creative Commons Japan

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