Kawai + Okamura: Mood Hall / Mood Hole
(2 vols.)

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Published on
2017.2.17 Fri.
2,000 JPY(2 vols.)
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H21cm x W12.8cm x D1.2cm, 164pp., color
vol.1: Japanese, vol.2: Japanese,English
Edited by
vol.1: Shin "Amazon" Fukunaga and Yuko Fukuoka
vol.2: Shin "Superstar" Fukunaga and Yuko Fukuoka
Published by
Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA
Designed by
Kentaro Nakamura

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vol.1: Text by Takumi Kawai, texts from 1999–2016 directly connected with the Ficfyon series, real and fictional testimonials about kawai + Okamura, essay by Atsushi Sasaki, detailed chronology from the artists' birth to the present, etc.
vol2: Video stills from Mood Hall/Mood Hole (2016), text by Hiroki Okamura, Kawai + Okamura interview, installation views with notes by Teppei Kaneuji and Kawai + Okamura, a journal from November 21 to January 25 by Mizuho Fujita, "Mood Hall/Mood Hole Nite" set list, illustrated list of works from 1993–2001, list of exhibitions/film festivals, etc.