Tanemaki @KCUA 06

Tanemaki @KCUA is a free zine published by @KCUA to show the various creative activities taking place in and around the gallery. Irregular publication, in Japanese only.

Published on
2019.3.25 Mon.
Edited by
Eriko Nishitani (Relay Relay)
Mizuho Fujita, Sakiko Nishio, Ellie Nagata
Designed by
Kentaro Nakamura
Published by
Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA
Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA
Phone: +81-(0)75-253-1509
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pp. 4–11: Report @KCUA: Zheng Bo
pp. 12–16: Report @KCUA: Joan Jonas–The 2018 Kyoto Prize Workshop
pp. 17–21: Preview @KCUA: KCUA Transmit Program 2019
pp. 22–23: Schedule @KCUA: 2019.4 – 2020.3
pp. 24–25: Voice @KCUA vol. 6: Column by Shimpei Shigemoto
pp. 26–31: Studio Visit @KCUA vol. 6: Ryosuke Imamura and Tsuyoshi Hisakado