Tanemaki @KCUA 03

Tanemaki @KCUA is a free zine published by @KCUA to show the various creative activities taking place in and around the gallery. Irregular publication, in Japanese only.

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Published on
2017.4.30 Sun.
Edited by
Eriko Nishitani (Relay Relay)
Mizuho Fujita, Ellie Nagata
Designed by
Kentaro Nakamura
Published by
Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA

Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery
Phone: +81-(0)75-585-2010
Please send your inquiry from the form.


pp. 4–11: Workshop @KCUA: Shintai 0 Base Unyōhō
pp. 12–13: Report @KCUA vol. 3-1: Arts Management in the Expanded Field “Situation Design” (KCUA Arts Management Program)
pp. 14–15: Report @KCUA vol. 3-2: Martin Creed in Kyoto
pp. 16–17: Schedule @KCUA: April 2017–March 2018
pp. 18–19: Voice @KCUA vol. 3: Mitsuhiro Sakakibara “There Aren’t Necessarily Professionals in Every Field”
pp. 20–23: Studio Visit @KCUA vol. 3: Kosuke Bando “Kamiyama-cho, Tokushima Prefecture”